My nonprofit is: The Kortney Rose Foundation (KRF).

I am: Kristen Gillette, the KRF founder and president.

I started it because: In 2005 our 9-year-old daughter Kortney Rose Gillette was diagnosed with one of the rarest Kortney Rose Gilettetypes of brain tumor and died in 2006, only 4 ½  months after diagnosis. Every child dies from this type of tumor. There haven’t been any new treatments discovered for this brain tumor and many others due to lack of research funding. When we were thrown into this cancer world, we found out the statistics and it was frightening and I felt compelled to do whatever I could to change it.

You need to know: Brain tumors are the #1 cancer cause of death in children 19 and under and only 4% of the federal cancer research funding goes to all forms of pediatric cancer. That’s right…96% of the National Cancer Institute’s (NCI) research budget goes to adults and 4% to kids. Kids are our future and deserve more! They cannot vote so we need to be their voices. The Kortney Rose Foundation is an all-volunteer 501 (c) (3) organization and 94 cents of every dollar donated goes directly to the brain tumor research being conducted at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and around the world through the Children’s Brain Tumor Tissue Consortium (CBTTC), that KRF donations helped to build. The CBTTC is a multi-institutional effort with researchers and institutions working around the world together to find better treatments and cures by using real time data from the first ever pediatric data cloud through the Center for Data Driven Discovery in Biomedicine also operated out of CHOP.

You can help: Please donate to our mission. Most other foundations cannot claim that 94 cents on the dollar goes to their mission, but we can. Funding research at CHOP, which is one of the best hospitals in the country and is on the forefront of this research we know it’s a “no brainer”.

Help Get Brain Tumors Off Kids’ Minds!

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