You know, we’re just not sure what happened to really, truly great public service advertising.

So much of what’s out there is, well, boring — and derivative.

How the heck are these nonprofits getting their important and oftentimes urgent messages out to the masses without them drowning in the ever-swelling sea of overexposed, overshared, overly social thoughts, ideas and opinions that is engulfing us? (Thank you, Internet.)

Answer: They’re not.

It takes a lot these days to rise above the din of the drivel.

So it’s odd to us that PSA campaigns of late seemed to have leveled down, for the most part, in terms of both pointed, action-begetting, well-branded messaging and the (lack of creative and innovative) manner in which they are conveyed.

Is it money? Is it lack of talent? Is it lack of intention? Is it lack of insight into understanding how to shift the consciousness?

It’s probably all of the above and more.

Enter: psa3.

psa3 is a one-stop shop for public service advertising.

How are we different?

We’re zeitgeist-shapers with pointed goals who know how to get the job done.

Our elite team of expert creatives is producing pioneering, cutting-edge, top-notch, tipping-point campaigns, designed not just to educate, not just to empower but also move the masses to take action.

Our well-connected team of distributers is doing more than just distributing your campaign; it’s getting it played and placed in front of the people who actually need and want to see and hear it.

And our maverick team of marketeers is bolstering your campaign in new, super duper cool and highly effective ways to ensure it’s a nothing short of gangbusters.

Oh, and we do it for a fraction of the price. Yup. A fraction of the price.

Our mission is to serve — serve our clients and serve the greater good.

Predictable, lackluster, crazy expensive public service advertising campaigns don’t serve you or the world right.

Email us now to get your PSA on.

It’s your time to groundswell.