WhoVet Tix. Our deserving client is poised to take its rightful place at the helm of must-know, gotta-support veterans’ causes thanks to its genius tickets-for-troops mission, its CEO/founder U.S. Navy veteran Michael A. Focareto (a man whose spot-on grand vision is rivaled only by the size of his heart) and the two groundbreaking PSAs we recently created for them.  Best part? We did a two-station test of the two commercials and they were aired a whopping 179 times in just two weeks. 179 airings. Two weeks. Amazing. Wait until they’re in wide release!

What: Livestream on Facebook — great for marketers as it’s another avenue to hawk their clients wares and boring as all get-out for most of the would-be viewing public because too many Livestreamers won’t realize it takes talent to make watchable content. Yawn.

Where: Twitter. @MerriamWebster and @Dictionarycom got into a 140-character snarkdown that was every word nerd’s dream. The Twitterverse duly reacted with its requisite oh-no-you-di’int memes and for a brief, shining moment people other than editors thought about the importance of words. Sigh.

When:  Right now.


Why: “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” —Steve Jobs